Magnesium alloy

Magnesium alloy ingots


We continue to improve the quality and performance of the products, while continuing to reduce costs. To create value for customers and to maintain the industry outlook is our driving force to lead the industry.


Application areas:

The products are applied in aviation, automobile, 3C, power tools and other fields.

Rare earth magnesium alloy


The company has independently developed a new type of rare earth magnesium alloy, with the properties of high strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature creep resistance.


Application areas:

The products are applied in automobile engine cylinder, cylinder cover, gearbox shell, heavy truck engine, and components and parts of aerospace area with higher requirements or corrosion resistance, and high temperature creep resistance.

Wrought magnesium alloy


According to customer requirements, the company can produce various grades of wrought magnesium alloy.


Application area:

The products are applied in all kinds of board, bar, pipe, proximate matter and forging material.

Magnesium alloy particles


Areas of application:

The application on semi-solid state die-casting (thixotropic molding method), can enable the excellent surface quality of die casting products, good dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties, which is more suitable for high precision products such as molded thin-walled workpiece. There is no need for melting furnace and protective gas (SF6), which is more environmentally friendly and energy saving.